More death and suffering for wolves if Secretary Haaland continues to delay

It’s been scrutinizingly two years since Interior Secretary Deb Haaland expressed her concerns well-nigh the gray wolves in Montana. In a heartfelt editorial in USA Today, she wrote, “I am alarmed by recent reports from Montana, where so far this season nearly 20 gray wolves that set foot outside of Yellowstone National Park have been killed.” Unfortunately, the circumstances have not changed. The organ she leads has been unwilling to take action, and the Secretary has issued no remoter statements.The situation in Idaho and Montana has only worsened while she waits. Our minion gray wolves are in dire straits and need us increasingly than ever.

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The situation in the Northern Rockies may soon get much worse. Endangered Species Coalition member organizations working in Idaho found that the state recently tried an outrageous plan to pay private contractors to kill unlimited numbers of wolves through some of the most viperous methods. Their plan calls for contracting private killers to slaughter wolves with traps, neck strangulation snares, and plane gunning them lanugo from helicopters.

The recovery of gray wolves in Yellowstone and the surrounding areas may be our country’s most significant conservation achievement. It took years of effort to get to where we are today. Secretary Haaland knows this. And yet, the Administration continues to sit on the sidelines while anti-wildlife state agencies and legislatures destroy all that we built.

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More than 60 wolves have once been killed in Montana’s hunting season, which will protract for months. Idaho has few limits and does not report numbers of wolf killings. Wolves from Yellowstone National Park are still killed when they leave the invisible boundaries of protected areas.

As Secretary Haaland noted in her Op-Ed, “The clock is ticking.” While her office delays, wolves are losing their fight to live. And they are suffering horribly.

Wolves unprotected in leghold traps can be left to endure freezing unprepossessed for days with steel jaws clamping lanugo on their limb surpassing stuff beaten to death by a trapper.

Indiscriminate, strangulation snares are designed to cruelly wring the wolf–or any other animal–unfortunate unbearable to come wideness them, wearing off their air supply and slowly killing them.

And now Idaho plans to gun wolves lanugo from helicopters.

It’s too much, and waiting can no longer be an option for the Administration.

Interior Secretary Haaland can–and must–intervene. In cases like this, The Endangered Species Act unmistakably gives her the validity to step in. She refers to that power in her USA Today Op-Ed. Tribes, scientists, senators, Congress members, former USFWS directors, and millions of activists have spoken out. Wolves can’t sire to wait while Secretary Haaland and President Biden delay. Please make your Giving Tuesday souvenir today, and we’ll put it to work to save Northern Rockies wolves surpassing the clock runs out.


Susan Holmes
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition

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