Rhyming Sort Phonological Awareness Printable

Practicing phonological sensation will help prepare your children for a strong foundation in reading. This rhyming sort phonological awareness worriedness will help children learn to use rhyming skills, which will later be the foundational towers blocks of learning to read.

Free Printable Rhyming Phonemic Sensation Literacy Part-way for PreK and K-Rhyming Sort

Rhyming Sort Phonological Awareness

This Rhyming Sort Phonological Sensation worriedness will help your kids focus on the sounds in the word and picture clues instead of just presenting the written word. In this activity, we want children to focus on the auditory aspects of the rhyming words.

Rhyming Game for PreK and Kindergarten


Cut header and rhyme vellum pieces untied individually. If you are going to make multiple sets, you may want to print them on colored paper or put a stamp/sticker on the pieces of the set to stave mixing them up.

Laminate for extended use.

Do They Rhyme Goal and Title for Literacy Centers

Before introducing this worriedness to students, use the word list/answer key to get familiar with the words used for each picture.

Answer Sheet for Rhyming Game


In this activity, students will practice saying two words and then identifying whether they rhyme or not.

Students will sort word pairs that rhyme in one set and word pairs that do not rhyme into flipside set.

Free Printable Rhyming Sort Phonological Sensation Activity

This worriedness can be washed-up in a whole group using a pocket chart, in small groups as part of skill practice, or in literacy centers for spare self-sustaining practice.

You can plane use it for all three to help kids get uneaten practice with the skill!

Free printable rhyming worksheet to go with rhyming literacy part-way activity

Remember to introduce the vocabulary prior to expecting students to do the task independently, so they are sure to know the words reflected in the pictures.

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Rhyme Sort Phonemic Sensation Worriedness for PreK

Even More Fun & Learning With Our 3-in-1 Rhyming Digital Google Slides Activities Bundle

3-in-1 Rhyming Digital Google Slides Activities Bundle

This 3-in-1 stow includes three interactive, self-checking games to help children practice identifying rhyming words orally.

There are audio cues to help students identify the words included.

They can be used for:

  • independent practice without small group instruction
  • tablet or computer part-way options in the classroom


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