Preschool Songs for Fall

If you’re looking for a fun way to bring the fall season into your classroom, your students will love these preschool fall songs. All of these songs are printable sets you can hands print off and have ready to go, no matter what kind of fall song you’re looking for. Whether it’s practicing counting or learning well-nigh school routines, you’ll have a lot of fun songs to sing and move withal to with pre-k and kindergarten students.

This Kids at School song will help prepare young ones for the routines of a school day.

Make this 5 Little Apples song special with the customizable lyrics!

Use this If It’s Fall song to help your little ones learn fall-themed vocabulary and some of the worldwide changes we see during fall.

Use this Fall This is the Way movement song to get up and move!

Learn some facts well-nigh real spiders in the 5 Little Spiders song, a fun twist on 5 little pumpkins.

Get into the holiday season with this 10 Little Turkeys song.

Singing this Forest Animals song will help teach kids well-nigh animals and the way they move.

Click here for increasingly free printable songs for the unshortened year!

Fun Fall Songs on YouTube

Sing withal to the archetype Ten Apples Up on Top! from Dr. Seuss.


The Learning Station presents this sing-along, Storing Leaves Are Falling Down fro


Learn well-nigh the fall colors in this counting song as you count to three.


Sing withal with Storing Leaves are Falling Down by The Kiboomers and


Learn well-nigh the storing leaves with flipside song by The Learning Station, Storing Leaves are Falling Down.


Sing withal to I’m a Little Scarecrow by The Kiboomers.

Non-Fiction Songs

Sing withal as you watch and learn well-nigh the life trundling of a pumpkin.


Practice counting to 5 with this fun song from The Learning Station.


Have fun singing Five Little Pumpkins to the familiar tune of Five Little Monkeys.


Practice counting wrong-side-up from 5 with this fun twist on Five Little Monkeys.


Watch the seasonal transformation of trees and sing along!


Get moving and learn well-nigh the parts of a tree while singing to the tune of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.


Learn how pumpkins are grown in Do You Know How Pumpkins Grow by The Kiboomers.

Get Even Increasingly Playful Learning with the Full Song Packs

There are so many unconfined ways to build upon the fun kids have as they learn these simple songs. For all 24 songs in this series we’ve put together a full song pack so that you can do some fun extension activities and tie in a bit increasingly math and literacy withal the way.

Each song pack set includes:

  • Circle Time Song Charts and Pieces
  • Full-Page Class Typesetting Options
  • Half-Page Emergent Reader Options

Where towardly we’ve moreover widow song charts and typesetting options with real photographs.

Extension activities are moreover suggested for each song.

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