Syllable Clip Cards and how many syllables are in clip?

As part of phonological sensation instruction children learn to progress from working with larger segments like recipe words to smaller segments like syllables. Once children have learned to manipulate the individual words in recipe words we uncork working with syllables. These self-ruling printable syllable prune cards will help kids learn to hear and isolate the syllables in a word. As they uncork to segment words, they are on their way to developing phonological awareness, an important towers woodcut to learning to read.

Free Printable Syllables Phonological Sensation Literacy Part-way for PreK and K-Syllable Prune Cards

If you are looking for spare practice with syllables, this syllable prune vellum worriedness will make a unconfined small group or part-way worriedness option for pre-k and kindergarten. In this phonological sensation activity, your kids will practice identifying how many syllables are in a word and then note the number of syllables they hear.

Option 2-Use red and untried manipulatives to segregate the correct number of syllables


To get started with this activity, cut out the cards. If you want to use them repeatedly, I recommend laminating them so they last longer.

Syllable Prune Cards for prekindergarten and kindergarten phonological sensation actvities

When introducing this activity, you can do so as a large group or unravel your kids into small groups as part of skill practice or in your literacy centers for spare self-sustaining practice.

If you want to mix it up a bit, you can use play dough balls to roll and mash or use small manipulatives instead of clothespins. All three options provide a bit of novelty and fine motor practice in variegated ways.

Option 3-Use red and untried play dough to segregate the correct number of syllables

Important tip: Remember to introduce the vocabulary surpassing expecting students to do the task independently so they are sure to know the words reflected in the pictures.

Teacher Answer Key for Counting Syllables Prune Cards Literacy Part-way Activity

Here are the words included in this self-ruling sample:

  • One Syllable: ax, duck, dog, dress.
  • Two Syllables: acorn, robot, zebra, bottle
  • Three Syllables: alien, jellyfish, newspaper, battery
  • Four Syllables: watermelon, alligator, avocado, unicycle
  • Five Syllables: electricity, refrigerator

This set moreover includes a response sheet option that you can use a quick trammels for understanding or a mini-assessment.

Counting Syllables Color by Syllable Worksheet for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten

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Free Printable Syllable Prune Cards for Pre-K and Kindergarten

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Need more? Get the full Syllable Prune Vellum Set

The well-constructed Syllable Prune Vellum Set includes 96 words divided into 4 sets so that you can requite kids practice with a wide variety of words. Each of the individual sets moreover has its own response sheet.


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