Best Fails Vines Compilation | Top Fail Vines June 2016

New Fail Vine compilation from the Best Vines of June 2016! Check out more Facebook Compilations Subscribe for more Best Vines Be sure to check out: Top 100 Vines of All Time: Top 100 Vines from 100 Viners: King Bach: Top 100 Amanda Cerny: Roast/Diss Vines: Daz_Black: Sports Fails: Sexy Vines: Cot Dammit Elizabeth!: 100 Pranks: Hood Vines: Funny Pets: Top 100 Marlon Webb: Thug Life: Top 100 Thomas Sanders: Try Not To Laugh or Grin: #RunningManChallenge: Viners Read Mean Comments: Liane V: Danny Gonzalez: Disney Vines: Power Rangers: 90's Nostalgia: David Dobrik: Pranks: Straight BARS: Vine Characters: Face Swap Vines: Sexy Vines: Trump 2016: Marvel Superhero: Pokemon: Dabbing: Shmoney Dance: Valentine's Day: Hoverboard: Dope Island: Eh Bee: Marlon Webb: Anwar Jibawi: Landon Moss: Danny Gonzalez: Mightyduck: Darius Benson: Lance210: