The Dumbest Geniuses In Movie History

Indeed, even the most intelligent individuals pursue moronic choices. These idiotic film prodigies might be sufficiently shrewd to construct a time machine or sort out unimaginable numerical conditions, however that doesn't mean they utilize their splendor in each circumstance life tosses at them.

The fact that make the greatest slip-ups makes the savvy characters really imbecilic. Maybe their self image turns them presumptuous, or they basically need good judgment. These stupid film prodigies nearly caused WWIII, caused the deficiency of guiltless lives by overlooking quarantine convention, and almost let a space rock clear out the Earth.

Which shrewd characters (who are really moronic) do you suppose committed the greatest errors? Vote up the most intelligent stupidest film prodigies.

1: Eddie Mora - 'Limitless'

Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) is a battling, down-on-his-karma creator in the 2011 film Boundless . He takes a trial substance called NZT and in a flash approaches the full capacities of his mind, which brings about a four-digit intelligence level. He rapidly wraps up his book. He likewise sorts out some way to take a little amount of cash, contribute it, and transform it into a large number of dollars.

Eddie Mora - 'Limitless'

Notwithstanding his incomparable insight, Mora thoroughly neglects to repay the $100,000 advance from the Russian crowd that he utilized as seed cash. The organization comes after him and ends up experiencing the NZT. Mora is compelled to manage another adversary that is currently similarly however canny as he may be.

2: Q - 'Skyfall'

Q is the innovation master and contraption genius in the Bond films. His virtuoso innovation generally appears to save 007 at whatever point he winds up in a difficult situation Be that as it may, even Q doesn't have an ideal history.

Q - 'Skyfall'

In the 2012 Bond portion Skyfall, Q (Ben Whishaw) connects an obscure PC from a previous specialist to MI6's organization. An infection is then released, totally wrecking the framework. A mechanical wizard like Q ought to have realized better and looked at the PC prior to connecting it. After the hack, cyberterrorist and Bond miscreant Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) says of Q, "Not such a sharp kid.

3: Dr. Millburn - 'Prometheus'

Alright, how about we be fair. Millburn (Rafe Spall), the researcher on board the nominal shuttle Prometheus, probably won't be very just about as moronic as armies of irate science fiction fans have described him. Indeed, he walks on up to an evil looking outsider goo-snake and starts petting it, prompting what (according to the point of view of crowd individuals) is a typically violent death.

Dr. Millburn - 'Prometheus'

Yet, we ought to recollect that Millburn doesn't have the foggiest idea about he's in a blood and gore film. He believes he's simply a researcher finding another living thing, and any creature controller will let you know that it's generally best to delicately treat animals.

All things considered, perhaps don't simply contact a life form you've never seen, which could undoubtedly be to some degree as hazardous as a rattler (and ends up being considerably more so). Millburn might have procured his PhD, yet with regards to good judgment, he ought to have taken a couple of additional courses.

4: Rory Adams - 'Life'

In the 2017 sci-fi blood and gore flick Life, a group of space explorers finds a dirt example from Mars. It contains indications of extraterrestrial life. One of the cells from the example ends up being a solitary celled organic entity, which demonstrates that there is life on Mars. The organic entity is nicknamed "Calvin.

Rory Adams - 'Life'

At the point when group part Hugh (Ariyon Bakare) is set upon by Calvin, Rory (Ryan Reynolds) overreacts and disregards quarantine convention trying to save his associate. This is a truly moronic choice by a first class engineer who ought to know better. Calvin takes out Rory by entering his mouth and eating his organs. Presently bigger and more grounded in size, Calvin gets away from through a vent, with decimating ramifications for the whole group.

5: Mark Zuckerberg - 'The Social Network

At the point when Imprint Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) meets Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), amazing Napster organizer and overall around cool person, he's in a flash mesmerized. Parker is all that Zuckerberg needs to be, and he allows the con artist to live like royalty him, despite the fact that his closest companion and colleague, Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), sees directly through Parker's veneer.

Mark Zuckerberg - 'The Social Network

Zuckerberg, a genuine virtuoso with a strong imaginative vision, can't see Parker is terrible information. Zuckerberg deceives Saverin, in any event, fooling the fellow benefactor into transferring ownership of nearly his whole Facebook stake.

It's not until a coke bust happens that Zuckerberg acknowledges how terrible Parker is for his business. Saverin (and the additionally cheated Winklevoss twins) eventually sue Zuckerberg and get their cash.

6: Rockhound - 'Armageddon'

Rockhound (Steve Buscemi) is important for the drill group entrusted to save Earth from a monster estimated space rock. Rockhound might be a driller, but on the other hand he's a virtuoso. He is never timid with regards to talking about his knowledge.

Rockhound - 'Armageddon'

You want to analyze brainpans? I won the Westinghouse prize when I was 12, serious deal. Distributed at 19, so what. I got a twofold doctorate from MIT at 22, Science and Geography. I educated at Princeton for more than two years."

Tragically, en route to saving the world, he has a total and all out psychological episode. His activities bring about the group losing their Armadillo and the drill's administrator after it hits a methane gas pocket. Rockhound's goof almost obliterates the whole planet.