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Our main goal is driven by one establishing rule: We're not simply recounting stories, we're evolving lives. We don't simply make content for making content. Our substance is all significant, deliberate and kid cordial.

Consistently we strive to major areas of strength for advance qualities like love, thoughtfulness, pardoning and helping other people. We endeavor to track down that ideal harmony among amusement and schooling, so our recordings can not exclusively be fascinating, yet in addition effective for grown-ups as well as youngsters.

Content for a Cause

We love to see every one of the remarks from our amazing local area saying how much our substance has completely changed them. While we are so grateful for that, we likewise acknowledge there is such a lot of that should be possible.

DUMB To SMART To GENIUS In Roblox Bloxburg!

That is the reason we're going past satisfied creation to help non-benefits, noble cause and minimized networks with certifiable assets. Notwithstanding Dhar's own gifts, we have additionally set up a large number of our recordings as pledge drives to assist with supporting these gatherings.

We would like to be areas of strength for a to fund-raise, drive mindfulness and help to change the existences of networks from one side of the planet to the other.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are honored to have such a different #DharMannFam. Our people group incorporates more than 115 Million supporters from north of 100 Nations. We at present make content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, French, German, Indonesia and Turkish with plans to extend to additional dialects.

Our Studio

We are situated in Radiant Southern California close to the Burbank Air terminal. Right now we have 3 studios where we house all of our creation sets including a school, eatery, clinic, court, plane thus considerably more!

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Despite the fact that we just began in 2018, we as of now have an astonishing group of north of 90 individuals including screenwriters, makers, chiefs, shooters, editors, and then some!

Rachel’s Dig About Zach’s Age

As per Zach, Rachel uncovered during their short-term date that she had "worries with the age part" of their relationship. At that point, the flight educator was 26 and Zach was 25.

She was four months more seasoned [than me]. All things considered, I was 25 at when we had that discussion. So what I need to say is I'm 26 presently, so I'm prepared for marriage," Zach jested on The Jennifer Hudson Show in September 2022 about her remark.

Rachel’s Heart Was With Someone Else

Zach told Ashley Iaconetti that Rachel treated him "like an outsider" and asked him "inquiries questions" in the dream suites. Everything was simply nearly, similar to, a quick fire [interview] and everything was never a clever response.

Furthermore, I was simply never sufficient," he made sense of on the "Practically Renowned" webcast in January 2023. And afterward the night was finishing prior to hitting the hay and we were simply both staying there close to one another and very much like, 'This can't be valid.

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This can't be the manner by which we see one another, how we hang out. Does she try and, similar to, care for me, similarly I feel for her or even by any means? Zach said that post-show, Rachel owned up to him that her "heart" was with "another person by then" apparently Tino.

Furthermore, she was unable to impart that to me the correct way and she was sorry for that," he said. It simply wasn't imparted to me in, similar to, the best way.

Also, it persuaded me to think and feel like I'm being caught off-guard. So it was intense, be that as it may, you know, wish her only awesome.